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Bringing in the ADA

The Promise

The Solution



One owner, one pool, one love!





Geographically distributed relays

Running 3 relays in The Netherlands, West Germany, and East Coast US means newly minted blocks are propagated rapidly through the network! Also, 3 relays assures continuity should one fail.  Relays visible here.

Cloud Based

Block producing node and relays all running in the cloud. Means always up, always connected, and easily scalable as new requirements emerge. 


Have been an avid fan of Cardano since inception and having an insatiable interest in the blockchain sphere I constantly stay abreast of new developments. My nodes run on cloud based infrastructure allowing for rapid hardware upgrades to keep up with new system requirements from the ever changing and progressing Cardano network. You can expect consistent rewards and near 100% up time!


High profits are not the priority but rather to be a valuable part of the Cardano ecosystem. You can expect fee consistency and a stable and high performing pool.


Fluctuations in fees and pledge won't happen, but if ever necessary these will be openly communicated and a small increment. Please follow Bita on twitter to stay posted.

Air Gapped

Besides all the usual security of whitelisted IP's, a firewall, fail2ban etc, pool cold keys and pledge keys air gapped for total security and your assurity. Pool will not be compromised!

Minimum fees
High pledge


Frequently asked questions

How do I delegate?

Never send anyone your ADA directly! Use the delegate functionality available in the Daedalus or Yoroi wallets.

More information here.

When will I receive my rewards?

The process is slower than you'd expect and managed by the Cardano network in an automated way. Rewards are not distributed from the pool itself but calculated and paid out directly from the Cardano treasury.

In short it can take 16 - 20 days before you will receive your first rewards.

If you have switched pools you will continue to receive rewards of the past epochs from your previous pool and will only receive rewards from Bita pool after 16 - 20 days.

Process is as follows:

  1. Epoch n: You delegate to Bita.

  2. Epoch n+1: Your stake is registered with Bita and a snapshot taken.

  3. Epoch n+2: Your stake from n+1 is earning.

  4. Epoch n+3: Your rewards from n+1 are calculated.

  5. Epoch n+4: Your rewards from n+1 are paid out.

More info on staking or rewards.



Helpful tips when staking

Get the app

Whether you stake with Bita or not I recommend you get the app (apple or android) and set alerts on the pool you do stake to. You can set alerts if that pool changes their fees or pledge.

Check the pool on 

Confirm on that the pool you're staking to has met it's pledge and is currently minting blocks. You can also see the luck of the pool here. Perhaps it's luck is below 100% and so rewards are slightly lower but most pools should average to 100% luck over time.

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